Graham Carter
About Me

Graham Carter

Hi, I’m Graham Carter what would like to know about me…
I was born in Macclesfield, Cheshire, UK where I have lived for all my life.
I have been interested in Art and Design as well as Media since I was a child I also have many other interests as well.

I like using colours for themes, keys and many other things. I started getting interested in Art when I learnt about LS Lowry and Vincent Van Gough at Primary School. I learnt how to a perspective drawing at school as a teenager and I studied Resistant Materials at School for GCSE which involves Wood as well as Plastic and Metal.

My interest in photography started when the digital camera was launched and I got my first one when I was sixteen also my father is interested in photography since he was young.
When I did my first College Course in 2001 Art and Design and Media were on the subjects I found big interests in the subject and I found great fun and made me realise something I was very good at.
Between 2004 and 2009, I studied Art and Design at Macclesfield College. Painting and Drawing I found as one of my strongest points.

I have also been doing Pottery at College as well; I was inspired by the TV show Rosie and Jim when they went to pottery.
After a few years away from doing other things, I started getting back into Art and Design again after a trip to the London Olympics in 2012 and doing a Painting of The London Olympic Stadium and this has lead me to new opportunities.

Also in my spare time Apart from Art, Design and Media, I have a lot of interests and activities. I like socialising, going to the gym, motoring including motorsport, snooker, and darts and watching lots of sports.

I have also supported charities as well.

Graham Carter